“Can we still be friends?”  “I know its over but… ”

Breakups by far are among the most devastating events we face. Unfortunately it hurts. Letting go of the person who you got to know for many days to years, may seem to be the biggest loss you’ve faced thus far. Momentarily, we fail to realize that loss is many times necessary. Real love is healthy, sustainable, and rarely ceases. Don’t get me wrong there are quarells and disagreements but it is magical.

Being vulnerable and uncomfortable after a break up makes most of us rely solely on our instincts because thinking is simply way too difficult during these trying times. We begin to question if facing these hardships are actually worth it and then here comes all the ridiculous considerations we illogically put together for a quick repair to our broken heart.

“Can’t we just get back together and fix it? Can we remain friends? Can I call you whenever I wish and answer as if nothing happened?”The grief begins and regret most times is unbearable, and yet we forget that its called a break up because its broken.

Relationship after relationship I’ve heard the question “can we remain friends?” Truthfully 9 times out of 10 this does not work. Why?  If there was any kind of intimacy involved, feelings will not allow for a mutual platonic friendship. Once two people become intimate and cross the “friends zone”it is very difficult to go back. If you’re going through this just remember that breaking up may be a necessary loss to make room for you to grow as a person and find your wings. In the end don’t forget that real love will set you free.