Thanks a lot for this! I know now to show my legs more!

A lot of women have a hard time trying to find clothing that compliments their bodies. So we climbed the highest mountain top, crossed rivers, and flew high to deliver, just kidding! In this post we’ve wrote a few tips and suggestion to dress for your body type.

The 1st body type is the HOURGLASS which is the ideal shape and what most women try to achieve when dressing their bodies. On this body type your shoulders and hips are proportionate to each other making for a slimmer waist. Curvalicious! The best way to highlight your shape would be to show off those curves! Anything that hugs your figure while showing how snatched your waistline is a must. Adding belts will also enhance what you already have. To accentuate your waist high waisted trousers / jeans are the way to go. Form fitting tops and wrap dresses work well for…

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